Company Profile

Shanghai Lian Heng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in large-scale R & D, manufacturing and sales of precision transmission equipment in China. The company main products are: precision planetary reducer, precision servo reducer, precision worm reducer, precision spiral elevator, precision gear reducer five series. Products are widely used in: CNC machine tools, glass equipment, precision instruments, measuring equipment, food packaging, welding equipment, printing machinery, textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical tanning, environmental protection equipment, cement equipment, coal equipment, beer and beverage, mining machinery, rubber and plastics , Petrochemicals, lifting transport, pharmaceutical tanning, environmental protection equipment and other light and heavy industries of mechanical transmission and precision control. As China's high-tech precision transmission equipment business, the company all the introduction of Germany's latest manufacturing technology, equipment and testing methods, effectively ensuring the product quality, production efficiency and equipment stability. Lian Heng Precision committed to the world's precision transmission equipment R & D and production of products for the domestic and international machinery industry, transmission applications provide the best solution. The company has Zhejiang and Shanghai two professional production bases and Shanghai R & D center, the product reached more than 10,000 kinds of models, and sold to more than 20 countries and regions. Companies adhering to the "honesty, responsibility, innovation, love, harmony and progress" corporate culture. In the "customer first, the pursuit of quality" business principles, as always, intentions services, and strive to create a respected industrial transmission area of advanced science and technology manufacturing enterprises.
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